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Beverly Iraheta

Beverly Iraheta



Beverly Siomara Iraheta’s dedication to her role as a receptionist at Zambrano & Ruiz, LLC reflects her commitment to understanding and meeting clients’ needs while ensuring they are well-informed about the progress of their cases. Her personal background, rooted in her Salvadorian heritage and her parents’ journey towards the American dream, has fueled her passion for immigration law, enabling her to assist others in their pursuit of a similar path.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Siomara remains actively involved in fostering positive change within her community. Her involvement in hosting Latin LGBTQ+ events through GAYTL, LLC, demonstrates her support for a diverse and inclusive society.

Additionally, her efforts in organizing non-profit events that unite friends, family, and local businesses to contribute to the betterment of their neighborhoods underscore her strong sense of social responsibility and community engagement.

Siomara’s multifaceted approach to both her professional and personal life reflects her dedication to making a meaningful impact and fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for those around her.