We are exclusively committed to immigration law because we believe in family unity and the attainability of the American dream for all people, including immigrants. If you need representation while seeking an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, permanent residency, or naturalization, we are happy to help. We also represent individuals who are in the midst of removal proceedings

Immigrant Visas

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There are different types of immigration visas.

There are two main types of immigrant visas: family-based and employment-based. Family-based immigration must take place with the help of a U.S citizen or green-card holder who is a family member. U.S citizens can petition for spouses, children, parents, and siblings. Green-card holders can petition for spouses and unmarried children. Employment-based immigration normally requires the sponsorship of a U.S employer.

For certain specialized fields, the prospective immigrant can petition themselves. There are several special immigrant categories, as well as an immigrant investor program, that you should be aware of when considering employment-based immigration. Other special immigration categories exist, such as petitioning for a foreign fiance(e) or child adopted abroad and other unique cases. We can help you with any immigration case.

Non-Immigrant Visas

Temporary visas for work or tourism.
Non-immigrant visas cover many categories. Transit visas, a medical treatment visa, official government travel visas, a religious worker visa, a crewmember visa, visas for those in humanitarian and other special circumstances, and visas for follow-to-join refugees and asylees are all some of the more well-known options. However, there are many other types of visas you can apply for in order to enter the U.S that we will be happy to help you with.Those traveling for transit, medical treatment, tourism, or business, and who will be staying in the U.S for less than 90 days may be eligible for the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). There are 39 countries and states recognized as part of the VWP.

Permanent Residency

Information about green cards and bringing a foreign spouse to live in the U.S.

A permanent residence card is called a Green Card. Having a Green Card gives you an official status within the U.S that allows you to permanently live and work here. There are over fifteen different ways to apply for and receive a Green Card, such as through family, as a refugee, or by registering. We can help you with any of these applications.

The Diversity Immigrant Visa Lottery Program, or Green Card Lottery, allows for up to 50,000 immigrant visas to be awarded each year to foreign nationals from countries that do not have a high immigration rate to the U.S. If you go through this process successfully, you can become an official Green Card holder and petition for others, which we can help with

Proceeding Help Residency

We can help you if you’re in removal proceedings.
There are many types of ways to be removed from the U.S. Expedited Removal can occur after an arrest at or near the U.S border. If you were previously deported or removed from the U.S and you are caught during or after re-entry into the U.S, you can be put into Reinstatement of Removal. You can be put in Administrative Removal Proceedings after committing an aggravated felony if you do not have lawful permanent residence. If you have received a document titled “Notice to Appear” then you are in regular Removal Proceedings. Receiving an “Order to Show Case” means that you are in Deportation Proceedings and receiving a document numbered either Form I-110 or I-122 at the bottom means that you are in exclusion proceedings. Zambrano and Ruiz can help you or your loved one with any of these removal proceedings. Our compassion and experience makes us your best legal choice and we look forward to hearing from you.